Thanks for your assistance. I appears that I was running openjdk instead
of the sunjdk. I have since switched to the sunjdk and added the
javamailer  mail.jar and activation.jar which I was missing before. This
is the error I am seeing now.

ERROR mailsender.MailSenderPlugin     - SendFailedException has occured.
javax.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses;
  nested exception is:
        com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 550 5.1.1
<null>... User unknown

thank you,

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Aziz Jarrah wrote:
> I am currently running  XWIKI ENTERPRISE with xwiki watch
> 1.1
> I have read through the mailing list that there currently is no way to
> use a 3rd party email server with xwiki or xwiki watch. I understand
> that will be implemented in the future at some point.

What exactly do you mean by that? It is possible to use a remote SMTP 
server, even with authentication and SSL in place. See

> My question is if
> there is a tutorial on how to setup xwiki to work with the localhost
> sendmail setup.
> I am able to telnet and send an email from localhost, where xwiki is
> located,  to my email server. Still when I try to use xwiki I get an
> email error, but nothing in the maillogs that is coming from the xwiki
> server. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

>              javax.mail.NoSuchProviderException: smtp

This looks like a javamail or java misconfiguration. Make sure you are 
using the Sun JVM and the Sun versions of mail.jar and activation.jar
Sergiu Dumitriu
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