Sergiu Dumitriu-2 wrote:
> hel-o wrote:
> Idea: try to clean the browser cache first. Som JS functions have been 
> moved around.

thats what i've done first.

I tried to import the xar also in my local installation. Same result. Tried
step by step with hold on every error in firebug:

When i upload the xar it stopps with the following error:

                                                 1 function onclick(event) {
updateAttachName is not defined 2 return updateAttachName(this.form, "Do you
want to replace the      filename with");
                                                 3 }

But the file the upload is done and the file displayed.

When i click on the uploaded file it stopps with the following error:

                74 function getXmlValue(tag, xml)
                75 {
xml is null 76 var nodes = xml.getElementsByTagName(tag);
                77 if (nodes.length > 0 && nodes[0].firstChild)
                78 return nodes[0].firstChild.data;
                79 else
                80 return ""; 

and nothing happens.

Can there be any connection with the switch to utf8?
I also notized that there was no data base update.



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