First of all, congratulations to the whole community for the XWiki's 5th 

Guillaume Lerouge wrote:
> Hi fellow XWikiers,
> While celebrating XWiki's 5th birthday last week, we spent a couple days
> brainstorming with the full team about where XWiki stands today and what its
> future holds. We came up with a long list of features and ideas and we'd
> love to get community feedback before deciding in which direction we're
> going to move forward once our 2.0 release is out.
> To this aim, we've built a survey that we'd like our users and developers to
> take. It's a bit long though definitely worth the pain. We're eagerly
> waiting for your feedback to start working on new and existing features.
> You can access and fill the survey at the following address:
> Thanks a lot for your time,
> Guillaume on behalf of the XWiki Team

Please, is there any way of following the results of the survey on-line?

After hitting the submit button I've been forwarded to 
Is this te expected behavior?


Ricardo Rodríguez
Your EPEC Network ICT Team

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