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> Hi all,
> I have been trying for the last day to put the TODO app in my wiki and it
> kept on failing to show the mytodo list in the panel. I use Oracle for
> backend so I thought it was that the problem. Here is the panel's code
> corrected to work in my case (XWiki 1.9.3, Tomacat 6, Oracle XE 11):
> #panelheader('My Todos')
> #set ($hql = ", BaseObject as obj, StringProperty as prop1,
> LargeStringProperty as prop2 where obj.name=doc.fullName and
> obj.className='XWiki.TodoClass' and obj.name <> 'XWiki.TodoClassTemplate'
> and obj.id=prop1.id.id and prop1.id.name='Status'
> and prop1.value <> 'Finished' and obj.id=prop2.id.id
> and prop2.id.name ='Assignee' and prop2.value like '$context.user'
>  order by doc.date desc")
> #foreach ($todo in $xwiki.searchDocuments($hql, 5, 0))
> * [$todo]
> #end
> #panelfooter()
> The big difference is the LargeStringProperty (Instead of StringProperty
> used in the XAR) and the like instead of = used to match the value.
> For the LargeStringProperty it is strange for me that someone chose a CLOB
> to store user names but... maybe because of the class hierarchy involved in
> the user name. Then again, how can this work even without oracle?
> For the like, well, oracle atleast will not even bother checking a string
> against a stream. Yes the words are phonetically close but.... oracle
> doesn't care about phonetics.
> I hope others out there will enjoy this helpful app.

Glad you liked it :-)

It would be cool if you updated the page on code.xwiki.org explaining how
you made the app work under Oracle.



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