Thanks, Vincent, for your replies.

On Sat, 15 Aug 2009 10:19:54 +0200 Vincent Massol <> wrote:

>  From a user POV only groovy scripting can access files on the  
> filtesystem and do dangerous things. This is why we have a special  
> right called programming right that is required for groovy scripting  
> and that you should only give to trustworthy people (admins in general).

Okay, so if we have XWiki running on a dedicated server, and we set user 
rights' appropriately, then the SecurityManager probably doesn't add much.
I'm good with that.

> No idea what you call location. Location doesn't matter in general and  

By "location" I was referring to what the directory is called that xwiki is 
installed into (eg. "xwiki" or "xwikifarm").

> you don't even need to be root to install xwiki.

How would this be done?  Don't you need root permission to install the WAR into 
$CATALINA_HOME/webapps ?
Ah ... I'm guessing you can "deploy" XWiki through Tomcat's management app?  Is 
this what you mean?

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