Hallo Francisco,

I recently exported my entire database for the first time. I noticed that when 
you import the XAR file there are checkboxes that permit you to leave out what 
you want. Is that what you need? Xwiki permits choosing which spaces to import, 
but the choice is on the import side not the export side. To export the entire 
DB you need to have Admin rights, though.

Best regards,

Steven Calkins
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Hello everybody.



Because of a java memory problem when exporting my wiki, I want to do selective 
space exports. The problem is that there is no easy snippet to do it. I found 
some code to export one space, and would be great to hace something with 
chekboxes or similiar to quickly select wich space to export. I am not good at 
the scripting language yet, so some help would be great.



I attach the code for one space exporting



  #set($space = "All")


  #set($space = $request.space)


#set($spacesText = {})

#set($spaces = $xwiki.spaces)

#set($ok = $spacesText.put("All","All"))

#foreach($space in $spaces)

  #set($ok = $spacesText.put($space,$space))



#macro(spaceoption $space $selectspace $spacesText)

  <option value="$spacesText.get($space)" #if($selectspace == 



#macro(spaceselect $selectspace $spaces $spacesText)

  <select name="space">

    #spaceoption("All" $selectspace $spacesText)

    #foreach($space in $spaces)

      #spaceoption($space $selectspace $spacesText)





<form action="">


    <div class="centered">

      Space #spaceselect($space $spaces $spacesText) <input type="submit" 





#if ($request.space)

    1.1 List of docs that will be Exported


  #set($parametros = "?format=xar&history=false&name="+$space)


  #foreach ($item in $xwiki.getSpaceDocsName($request.space))

     * $item

     #set( $parametros = $parametros + "&pages=" + $space + "." + $item )


#set( $parametros=$doc.getURL("export")+$parametros )

#set( $parametros=$parametro.toString.replace("/view/","/export/"))

<a href="$parametros">Exportar</a>




Francisco Hernández Cuchí

Jefe de Servicios Sistemas de Información 



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