On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Eric Domeshek
> I'm starting to explore use of XWiki for a project where we want to
> provide a domain-specific semi-structured wiki which seems like it ought
> to be a good fit to XWiki's intended usage.

Yes, it is. Xwiki is the best thing to hit open source since Linux and Emacs
:-) .
Xwiki is Emacs for the Web. All it's missing is Clojure via JSR223 to get
the Lisp extension language...

>  However, we're having a bit
> of trouble getting started understanding what can and can't easily be
> captured in the XWiki data model.  Specifically:
> 1- What is the recommended way to specify object fields that contain
> references to other XWiki objects?

This is being discussed over on the dev list right now:

[...] define the option lists is by using the fields: XWiki
Class Name, Id Field Name, Value Field Name and Parent Field Name. Using
those fields, the XWiki
the following hql queries:

select idprop.value, valueprop.value, parentprop.value from
XWikiDocument doc, BaseObject obj, StringProperty idprop, StringProperty
valueprop, StringProperty parentprop.value where obj.name = doc.name and
obj.className = "value entered in Class name" and idprop.id.id = obj.id
and idprop.id.name = "value entered in Id Field Name" and
valueprop.id.id = obj.id and valueprop.id.name = "value entered in Value
Field Name" and parentprop.id.id = obj.id and parentprop.id.name =
"value entered in Parent Field Name"

So, it selects from objects of a given type (XWiki Class) 3 properties
(of storage type String, read bellow what this means). As a special
case, you can use "doc.<some doc property>" or "obj.<some object
property>" instead of property names, and the query is adapted
accordingly. In the case of DBList, only 2 columns are selected, as the
Parent property is not used/defined.

String storage type means:
- either a property of type String
- or a property of type StaticList, DBList or DBTreeList with
multipleSelect = false

If you want to use the DBTreeList, you must model your data so that they
will allow these kind of queries.

> 2- What is the recommended way to specify object fields that
> contain references to non-XWiki plain old Java objects?

I'm going to let someone else answer what's recommended. This is one way:

> 3- Is there a standard way to define fields as holding
> ordered/unordered lists/sets of objects as opposed to single objects?

Check the "multiple select" option for List, DatabaseList or
DatabaseTreeList? in the class editor (see
and http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Drafts/DatabaseListProperties )

> 4- Assuming we can define models that allow for these sorts of things, are
> there easy/standard ways to display such fields contents, as well as ways
> for end-users to specify fillers (e.g. list/tree pickers of existing objects
> of the desired type)?

Although not the Xwiki-officially-blessed technique, I like to use Exhibit
for this purpose:

Some examples of my own using Xwiki:
http://nielsmayer.com/trainspodder-prototype.jpg (coming to the internets
real soon now)
http://nielsmayer.com/xwiki/bin/view/Exhibit/NPRpods3 (work in progress/old
http://nielsmayer.com/xwiki/bin/view/Exhibit/Presidents4 (demo of Xwiki
including Exhibit&jQuery "Macros")

-- Niels
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