The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki
Enterprise 1.9.4 and XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.7.4.

Go grab it at

This release is targeted to users who are not yet ready to upgrade to
the more recent 2.0.x releases, but who still need some of the more
important recent fixes and improvements.

Improvements since XWiki Enterprise 1.9.3:

    * XWIKI-4139 : New {{formula}} macro for displaying mathematical expressions

Important fixes:

    * XWIKI-4309 : Links fail to open in a new window
    * XWIKI-4249 : . key acts like the delete key at the end of the list items
    * XWIKI-4349 : Livetable "avatar", "photos" and "attachments"
columns do not work
    * XWIKI-4385 : NPE in XWikiDocument.CopyDocument() introduced by
the patch of XWIKI-4283
    * XWIKI-4314 : Switching the editor tabs without focusing the rich
text area can lead to HTML in the source editor
    * XWIKI-4170 : Wrong encoding in
    * XWIKI-4283 : XWikiDocument.copyDocument duplicate the object's uniques ids

For more information see the Release notes at:

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