Luis Ruiz wrote:
> Hi Ricardo,
> In my case we would like that all pages are stored in the filesystem, of
> course attached content must be in filesystem, in the database only the
> structure of the wiki. Is that possible?

It is possible if you write your own storage implementation, derived 
from the current implementations.

I think the easiest step is to implement file-based storage only for 
attachments, and this has already been done by some of our users. 
Searching the mail archives should provide some pointers.

Next, if you just want to access documents from a folder, you can use 
WebDAV for that. See
I don.t think that actually storing the contents of the documents 
outside the database helps, since wiki content should never reach the 
limits of the database (unless you're storing genomes or data out of the 
LHC as wiki content). The main advantage of the database is speed. The 
main advantage of filesystems, easy access from other programs, can be 
achieved through WebDAV.

> 2009/10/6 [Ricardo Rodriguez] Your EPEC Network ICT Team <
>> Hi,
>> Guillaume Lerouge wrote:
>>> Why exactly do you needs pages to be stored in the filesystem? Maybe you
>> can
>>> find a way to address your use case using existing XWiki features...
>> In our case more than pages are attached files what we need to be stored
>> in the filesystem. Could this be also your case, Luis?
>> These files are usually images or data files generated by several
>> analytical facilities. I don't know at what extend a XWiki installation
>> using MySQL as RDBMS is suitable for storing, let's say, some hundreds
>> of files weighting about 30Mb each. As far as I remember, this is a
>> pending issue in XWiki, but it has not been forgotten.
>> Greetings,
>> Ricardo

Sergiu Dumitriu
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