Thanks, Ludovic, and thanks to "Groupe Glon"!

Ludovic Dubost wrote:
> Hi,
> We have published the Meeting Manager application which has been 
> sponsored by "Groupe Glon".
> The meeting manager is an XWiki 2.0 application which allows to plan 
> and manage meetings and meeting cycles. It's a very nice and complete 
> application.
> You can plan your meeting by setting an agenda, adding participants 
> and propose a vote for meeting dates (a little like Doodle). You can 
> then write your meeting notes. 

Until now, we have been using Doodle to get an agreement on meeting date 
and "regular" XWiki pages for meeting notes. This applications will 
allow to capture the whole process within a XWiki instance. Cool!



Ricardo Rodríguez
Your EPEC Network ICT Team

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