Hi Fabio,

>The semantics of the "query" parameter of the search method is just a  
>free text that is matched agains document names or content.
>You cannot execute arbitrary HQL queries using the search method, nor  
>there exist a method for doing so in the current XMLRPC api.

You were absolutely right. This method only takes "free text" and searches
it through document names & content.
The results varied greatly if I changed the order of the words being passed
into the "query" parameter.
Also, I wasn't able to retrieve the URL from the search results. Only the
title could be accessed. As a result, I had to pass the top 10 results
iteratively to the getPage method to obtain the URL. The objective here was
to display search results from the XWiki into another application. The
application would pass certain query parameters to XWiki & XWiki would then
return document URLs which might be of help in the other application.

I also began fiddling with the REST api a little bit. I see that a lot of
methods in the examples at
http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Features/XWikiRESTfulAPI were based
on HttpClient 3.x api & the latest one is 4.0. Also, the JAXB I happen to
use is 2.1 (available in Netbeans as a default plugin). Since, I am new to
this, it will take a lot of time, effort & of course help from friends at
XWiki community to get up to date with the latest api :)

Just a question though - will the REST getMethod call for the
nt,title,objects}...]&number=n] resource result in the same search result as
does the internal wiki default/lucene search. My belief is it will return
the same result since we are fetching the same page.

Thanks for your help & timely response Fabio.

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