Dear All,

Since I updated from XWiki Enterprise1.9 to, I can't add
users to user-defined groups anymore. The new users are still assigned
to the default XWikiAllGroup. I had made an XAR from my 1.9 Xwiki space
to save some changes I made, which I imported again after updating.
(Incidentally, the Xwiki Rights, Xwiki Global Rights, Xwiki Stylesheet
Extension Class, XWiki Comment Class, XWiki Skin Class and the
Javascript Extension Class pages in the XWiki space show errors when I
look at them -- the exception: Failed to execute macro: velocity). 

I fear that something went wrong when I reimported the old Xwiki space.
The rights seem to be affected with users having privileges which they
shouldn't have according to the rights settings. Could someone please
explain if any changes have been made to the macros on these pages from
version 1.9 to 2.0? If so, would it be possible to print the xwiki
editor content (where the velocity macros reside) in this forum so that
the content could be compared? An XWiki 2.0 space XAR would be fine too.
Then these old pages could be saved under other names, and only these
2.0 documents would be selected, imported and I could compare them.

Any help someone can offer on these matters would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.

Steven Calkins

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