Hi Fabian,

This is known issue, you need to set the page syntax to xwiki/1.0 to fix 
the display issue. XWiki 2.0 syntax is not supported on your build.
Note that XWord 1.0 final is not released yet. You are probably using 
XWord 1.0 RC1 which is out of sync with the platform for the past few 
We implemented the fix for the issue this week and we have compatibility 
with the current snapshot of the platform. I will publish a new XWord 
snapshot tomorrow on xoffice.xwiki.org.
We will also have a new release next week that will be compatible with 
XE 2.0.4 and XE 2.1 RC1.

Florin Ciubotaru

On 11/26/2009 6:42 PM, Faubi wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Office 2007 SP2, XE 2.0 and XWord 1.0 final. I can connect to my
> xwiki through word properly, but every page written in word is displayed as
> a code such as:
>      <div class="Section1">
>        <h1>
>          Test!!
>        </h1>
>        <p>
>          TESTTT blabla</p>
>      </div>
> The .xar import was successful and as I'm the admin every page has
> programming rights as well.
> I haven't found any stated bug related to this issue!
> So can anyone help me since using word for editing is crucial!
> Thanks!!
> Fabian

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