We are a non-profit community magazine called Gandhi and Pineapple, who have 
recieved Princes Trust funding for a first issue. We are looking to set up a 
web page where members can register and contribute journalistic articles, 
creative writing and origional artwork on different blog/wiki style pages, 
hopefully developing the site into a vibrant community. We would also like to 
be able to select the 'best of the blogs', and condense them onto a homepage. 
The inclusion of static RSS feeds from various news sources  is also a feature 
we would like to see included.


Having looked at various solutions, the XWiki project seems to me to be the 
most versitile, exciting, and sutible for our needs. I would be greatful if we 
would be able to take advantage of the free hosting offered on the XWiki.org 
webpage. My XWiki.org username is JackLangley, and would like 
'gandhiandpineapple' as the server name.


Many thanks for any help you can offer, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Jack Langley

P.R. Manager

Gandhi and Pineapple Magazine 

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