Thanks for replying.

I thought of something in the general-settings. 

An Example form PHPwiki:


And the same Page in history-view with the xwiki:


I think compared to the PHP-Wiki it is difficult to understand the changes
and where they're made. It would be nice if would be possible to chance the
view of the xwiki to something like the PHP-Wiki.

My colleague thought even further.

Something like this:



        content 1
        1. Author

        content 2
        2. Author

        content 3
        1. Author

At first I thought there would be something like an menu in the Admin-space,
but now I guess I was too spoiled ^^. 

Also I don't think I can easily change something like that and it isn't a
major problem. 



Bubulina wrote:
> Hello
> I am not sure i understood what u are asking, but:
> -if u want to divide a page in 2 columns. only that page..so you cannot
> use the change of layout from xwiki, you can easily edit the page in
> question in the object mode. (?editor=object) and from the  right side you
> can see that u can add a "stylesheetclass" and there u can add .css . here
> in you declare your 2 columns and everything else u want to have in page,
> just like u are creating a simple html file that uses a css file. Next:
> Save
> -- to see the author and dates and pages that were modified, use the
> xwiki: "#includeInContext("Main.RecentChanges")". it's something like
> this:
> {{velocity}}
> {{html}}
> ## Set variables to limit recent changes to the current space and 10
> items.
> #set($rcSpace = [$doc.space])
> #set($rcChangesNb = 10)
> #includeInContext("Main.RecentChanges")
> {{/html}}
> {{/velocity}}
> - if you want to get the contents of a page, you can use this:
> #set($docContent = $xwiki.getDocument($pageName).content) 
> (http://n2.nabble.com/get-content-of-page-td3992676.html#a3992676)
> Hope this helps
> -
> John Bober wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> I'm a Newbe and courrently working with an xwiki. I really like the look
>> and gadgets, I'm only a little disapointed from the history.
>> Currently it shows only the deletet and the added Text. Is there any
>> posibility to generaly show the rest of the content? 
>> It would really help, I didn't get what is actually changed and what not.
>> By the way, a colleague of mine thought of special view:
>> A Table-Style with the content on the left and the autor on the right. So
>> one can easly get who is responsible for some very brilliant content =^D
>> .
>> Thanks in advance.
>> John Bober

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