On 12/17/2009 08:46 AM, AlonsoIR wrote:
> * by default {{html}} is supposed to contains valid html,<li>  never
> closed is not valid, if you want to start<li>  in an html block and
> close it in another html block you have to use {{html clean="false"}}
> (i guess that's your main issue here)
> If i put this into the code, dont work, now it renders like plain text
> instead of a link.
> [CODE]
> {{velocity}}
> $xwiki.ssfx.use("/portal/site/css/estilo.css")
> {{/velocity}}
> {{html}}
> <!--inicio menu-->
> <div id="menu">
> <ul>
>     <li>
> {{html clean="false"}}
>     [[Introduccion>>Main.Introduccion]]
> {{/html}}

The idea was to replace the {{html}} from the start with {{html 
clean="false"}}, not to add another {{html macro inside the document.

And it will still fail because by default the {{html}} macro doesn't 
further parse the wiki syntax, you would have to use {{html 
wiki="true"}}. So, combining the two parameters, you'd need something 
like this:


{{html wiki="true" clean="false"}}

<!--inicio menu-->

<div id="menu">
     <li> [[Introduccion>>Main.Introduccion]]

Sergiu Dumitriu
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