On 12/25/2009 09:45 PM, Asiri Rathnayake wrote:
> Hi Devs&  Users,
> With the new refactoring of officeimporter module, it's possible to
> implement a generic office document converter on top of
> xwiki-officeimporter. By a "document converter" I meant an xwiki application
> where you can upload a .doc file and get it converted to a .pdf, .odt etc.
> Supported formats will be those mentioned in
> http://artofsolving.com/opensource/jodconverter/guide/supportedformats and
> few more Office2007 formats.
> Would this application be a good addition to XWiki?

Interesting feature: I like the way GMail treats attachments. We could 
have something similar in the attachment list. Each supported file 
format will have some links next to the default download link, for 
previewing as HTML, downloading as PDF, converting to the equivalent 
concurrent format. For example. we could have:

[doc] QuarterlyReport.doc ^1.2^ [preview in browser] [download as PDF] 
[download as .odt]
       Posted by [John Smith] five minutes ago

[ods] ExpenseReport.ods ^1.1^ [preview in browser] [download as PDF] 
[download as .xls]
       Posted by [Jane Smith] yesterday

However, we should carefully consider the implications, since users 
could expect this to be a perfect feature they can trust, and data loss 
could occur when the transformation fails partially.

> Thanks.
> - Asiri
> PS: It would take about 2-3 days to fully implement and test the
> application.

Sergiu Dumitriu
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