Hi Thomas,

> This error is pretty weird.
> How are you creating the wiki exactly ? Are you using a template ?
No, I am using the main wiki. I was not able to import the template
due to an error while importing the template. However, when I went
back to the installation page, it said - no further action required.
My assumption was everything got installed ok despite the error.
> If i understand well the error it seems like you are creating a wiki using 
> main the main wiki as template. Note that even if it does not seems a very 
> good idea i think It should technically work so i don't know what is the 
> really issue here.

> What database engine are you using ? MySQL ?

I am using MySql community version. Is there a specific version that
you would recommend or a specific methodology to install XEM e.g.
installing XE version x.x.x and then upgrading to XEM version x.x.x.
Or directly install a particular XEM x.x.x. Thanks.
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