Very well written email, Felix. Hopefully we should have an answer by tomorrow 


From: Meng Wu <>
To: Xwiki Users <>
Sent: Thu, January 21, 2010 5:55:28 PM
Subject: [xwiki-users] Access Rights Automatic Update

Hello everyone,

I first want to thank the development team for including Ajax dynamic features 
onto XWiki. XWiki's simplicity and dynamics are some of the reasons why my team 
is so interested in implementing XWiki. 

The only problem I've been having to deal with is the automatic access rights 
update. The cycle of rights is Blank (Default) -> Allow -> Deny -> back to 
Default, etc. The drawback of dynamic updates though, is that if I want to 
change my own right to view a certain page from "Allow" to "Default", I have to 
cycle through "Deny". Because of the automatic access control updating feature, 
when I cycle through Deny, I am automatically denied viewing rights, and thus 
locked out of my own page. Are there any good ways of getting around this 
problem? Or are there ways of implementing dropdown menus instead of square 
checkboxes, or having a longer delay when you cycle through access control 



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