Hi Reto,

On Feb 2, 2010, at 3:45 PM, Reto Hotz wrote:

> Hi,
> After migrating our XWiki from 1.8.3 --> 2.1.1 we notices that the "Jump 
> to page"-feature is only working with pages made with the old xwiki/1.0 
> syntax.
> When I create a new page with syntax to 2.0, the "Jump to Page" is not 
> displayed anymore in the Quick Links panel.
> As soon as I change the page syntax back to 1.0, the "Jump to page" is 
> displayed again.
> It should work also with xwiki/2.0 syntax, shouldn't it?


> I don't know if this is from importance but we use a fully customized 
> skin based on toucan. So maybe we have missed something in the migration.
> Any help or hint is very much appreciated.

Working for me on XE 2.2. Haven't tried on 2.1.1.

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