If I can give my opinion, I think it would be more coherent if macro
parameters were defined like class properties are (lists, strings, numbers,
Dates, list of users or groups, and so on...).
But it would not be a requirement for me, just an interesting improvement.
And I'm not sure about how this could be done ... Maybe having a
XWikiMacroParameterXxxClass for each property type Xxx ? At the end it's
more the way data is entered by user that's interesting. Having a macro
{{avatar}} in wich user can choose from a list of wiki users would
definitely make macros even more extraordinary :)
Of course the macros would have to accept the possible java types of the
various properties types (strings, lists, integers...) so it would be a
change in syntax.

2010/2/23 Sergiu Dumitriu <ser...@xwiki.com>

> If you think that this is an important requirement, you can propose it
> as an improvement of the upcoming xwiki/2.1 syntax.
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