On Friday 05 March 2010 15:06:34 Sergiu Dumitriu wrote:
> {pre}{/pre} prevents re-rendering the content.
> The result with this is:
> A damn
> ----
> ruler
> Which again is a bit wrong, but this is a bug in the core, it always
> assumes that the content that it got from the title field is
> velocity+HTML, even if the page is in xwiki/2.0 syntax.

Do you happen to know the JIRA ticket for this bug? (if there is one?)

The {pre} seems to dodge some of the unwanted effects, but in turn makes 
further editing the script difficult. Next time I edit the {pre} seems to have 
disappeared, instead leaving a <p>-tag artifact depending on circumstances.

> CrossSiteScripting example: <script>alert('I pwnd U')</script>
> => bad, bad, bad
That is exatly what I would like to avoid, hehe. :)

Kind regards, Joel

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