My favorite is 15.

* nice work done for 15 but i find the logo too similar to Atlassian
> logo (any basic human based logo would look too Atlassiannish to me i
> think)

I strongly disagree that just because it represent a people, it is Atlassian
like, they do not hold the exclusivity of people logos.
Atlasian logo is like a weight-lifter that lift the world, very straight on
its foot. Nothing to do with a happy jumping man, using really curved shape
at all !

XWiki is about peoples sharing information and compare to most other logo,
15 is one that have the most interesting evocation.
Without dash, in red or another color, avoiding blue (even if I like it) and
probably using a more curved font to improve, if needed, the clear
difference it have with the Atlassian logo.
I would be curious to see what Vishal could propose with some more work.

19 would be my second choice, since it is curved, and even nice straight
logo like 7, 8 or 16 evoke to me some inflexibility or technicality, which
is frightening.

12 could be interesting as a continuation on the initial theme, but it would
be less distinctive with, probably a nice evolution for them not
for the open-source one.

1, 2 and 13 are not scaling. 17 is nice, but not scaling and evocation is
inappropriate. Appart for not being easy to scale, I feel 4 is not readable
for newcomers, using only 2 pencils, could probably helps there.

Many thanks to all designers anyway for their proposal and please do not
feel hurt by my remarks that I really hope to be constructive.

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