I'm still wondering why people run Java applications on Windows. Running
on Linux is much easier.
Don't get me wrong. In 2001 I did presentation in international
conference recommending Sharepoint as a new powerful tool for
and knowledge exchange. But that was looong time ago, and I've switched
to Linux and wikis.

In multinational corporations there is "policy" developed by corporate
headquarters 10 years ago that server could be any but Windows,
though I've seen many "underground/semi official" Linux servers "for
customer projects" and that number is growing.

Xwiki runs on windows but from this mailing list I know how tricky
quirks may happen from time to time,
as developers and most of users don't test it.


> I have been testing the stand alone enterprise on a windows x64 server 2003 
> box.(still some config and planning to iron out)
> I am ready to make the leap to the enterprise WAR with the jetty container 
> and SQL 2005 as the DB.
> What I need to know is how using X64 and X32 will affect what I do. What are 
> the limitations or advantages of using  sql server/web OS in X64 or X32.
> My production server is windows server 2003 X32?
> Any suggestions are most welcome.
> Many Thanks
> Clinton
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