Hi All,

  Currently i am working in xwiki and facing some issues which i am not able
to solve. I want to create a tree structure for the space and subspace and
the pages inside it.

  Eg : I am creating 
   Space Name : HelloMajor, Parent : nothing (by default it takes WebHome)
   Page Name   : HelloMajorPage1   : Parent : HelloMajor
   Page Name   : HelloMajorPage2   : Parent : HelloMajorPage1

   If i use document tree its displaying like
             |___ HelloMajorPage1

   Another space creation : HelloMinor; Parent : HelloMajor.WebHome
   Page Name : HelloMinorPage   Parent : HelloMinor
   Now i want to display the tree structure like this

             |___ HelloMajorPage1
             |                        |____HelloMajorPage2

I want to display the subspace under the related space itself. I tried with
child parent snippets but it didnt worked. As i explored i didnt get the
solution to get the parent of the subspace. Normally in db its storing under
XWD_Parent field in xwiki_doc table. I would like to give the subspace name
as parameter so that i can get the parent name which i mean is

My requirement is to build a tree structure. I tried with space explorer,mk
tree, document tree and spaceAllDocs. No one fitting my requirement.

     * Subspacename
            * subspacepages
     * SpacePages

In this manner i want to display. IS there any solution.

Kindly help me.

Thanks in advance.

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