Hello xwiki users,

In the past (some years ago) I was using the "first timer" version of
xwiki only, this was fine for development.

Now I need to run xwiki on a more professional environment, the base is
CentOS 5.5 (current and most recent version), including tomcat 5.5 and
mysql 5. Tomcat starts as service and during this startup logging claims
not to be able to create / access xwiki.log. 

When the xwiki application starts, everything looks nice, I even can
change the content, but I cannot sucessfully import the default jar
(uploadig is fine).

So, as this is the team of users, probably most of you have fixed this
issue. I can provide more detailed information on request, I wanted to
keep it as short as possible.

Just in case I could offer ssh access. Any ideas?

Best regards

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