Maria Carolina Ramirez wrote:
> I supposed that all of this errors are happening because I have to
> install the *.xar files
>  And then I got this error and that's all. I can't see nothing else.
> 16:48:03,158 INFO  [STDOUT] Hibernate: select xwikidocum0_.XWD_ID as
> XWD1_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_FULLNAME as XWD2_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_NAME
> as XWD3_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_TITLE as XWD4_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_LANGUAGE as XWD5_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE as XWD6_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_TRANSLATION as XWD7_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_DATE as
> XWD8_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_CONTENT_UPDATE_DATE as XWD9_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_CREATION_DATE as XWD10_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_AUTHOR as
> XWD11_0_0_, xwik
> idocum0_.XWD_CONTENT_AUTHOR as XWD12_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_CREATOR as
> XWD13_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_WEB as XWD14_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_CONTENT
> as XWD15_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_VERSION as XWD16_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_CUSTOM_CLASS as XWD17_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_PARENT as
> XWD18_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_CLASS_XML as XWD19_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_ELEMENTS as XWD20_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE as XWD21_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_VALIDATION_SCRIPT as XWD22_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_COMMENT as XWD23_0
> _0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_MINOREDIT as XWD24_0_0_,
> xwikidocum0_.XWD_SYNTAX_ID as XWD25_0_0_, xwikidocum0_.XWD_HIDDEN as
> XWD26_0_0_ from xwikidoc xwikidocum0_ where xwikidocum0_.XWD_ID=?

I know this is the older post. But do you remember how you solved this
issue? I am facing the similiar issue now.

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