When the CSS3 fever began, Raluca Stavro came to me and asked me what I
think about making a HTML5+CSS3 skin. My first answer was that is not gonna
happen. We invest very much in making our skins have cross-browser support
(especially old versions of IE). This is one of our strengths, but also the
reason we limit ourselves from innovation.

When I'm talking about a "modern" skin I'm not only referring about HTML,
JS, CSS (having transparency, corners, multiple backgrounds, shadows without
having to triple the code and the number of hacks), but it's about all
cool/experimentation features, that boosts productivity, minimize code
lines, etc. but lack all/old browser support (SVG, location awareness, CSS3
calc etc).

So, in my opinion this would be an experimentation/shiny skin that by
comparison would make old browsers supporters and lovers to quit their old
behaviors and embrace the future  :)  :p

So, the questions I have are:

1) would this be possible? would anyone want to do this sort of thing? I
know the biggest problem is gonna be the maintenance, but could bring lots
of innovation and productivity.

2) what feature/improvement/thing do you think it would be the most needed
for a new "modern" "skin" (the topic somehow go beyond the skin boundaries)?

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