The Web Application will still run on port 8080 by default. The
difference here is that the data will be stored on PostgreSQL instead
of HSQLDB. I would recommend following the document at :

And reply back here if you still have questions.



On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 9:00 AM, Aleks87 <> wrote:
> I have installed the standalone version of XWiki Enterprise 2.4 M1
> The standalone installation have a HSQLDB Database which I should not use.
> Is it right?
> So I have to change the Database. And I decided to use PostgreSQL 8.3 cause
> it was already installed on this pc. At this time I dont have the rights
> (password) to create a Database and I have to contact the Admin for that.
> But I'm not sure how this all should work.
> Now I have a Folder "\XWiki Enterprise\database" where my XWiki content will
> be saved. Is it right?
> But changing to PostgreSQL I can erase this Folder because my Database will
> now been in "\PostgreSQL\8.3\data". Right?
> I know that I have to change my hibernate.cfg.xml and to add a .jar to
> "\XWiki Enterprise\webapps\xwiki\WEB-INF\lib". But what .jar is the right
> one? "postgresql-8.3-603.jdbc3.jar" or "postgresql-8.3-603.jdbc4.jar"
> And if I have done that I can access the wiki over
> http://localhost:5432/xwiki/bin/view/Main/
> (5432 instead of 8080 because of PostgreSQL)
> But how could the other people access the wiki. I heared it will be possible
> with "\\myip:5432/xwiki/bin/view/Main" if all pc's are in the same network.
> But it would mean that my pc have to run constantly. And the start_xwiki.bat
> file has to be opened. I think that would not be the problem. But would my
> wiki get performance problems after a few days?! And how safe is this all...
> Sorry I'm very new to this all and I have read many tutorials and helps in
> the last weeks but I'm not sure if I understand them right.
> If someone could answer my questions and give me some tips how to implement
> this all, it would be very helpful.
> Thank you!
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