Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your quick respons! We're looking into it.

Greetings, Marcus

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Hi Emile & Marcus!

Schaefers, Marcus wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> We're are new to XWiki and everything is working great except for one
> thing: export to pdf and rtf. 
> It did not work from the start. We've tried to follow the steps in the 
> admin guide:
> http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/Configuration#HCus
> to
> mizingthePDFexportLook26Feel. 
> We've tried tot export an near empty page but that did not work, we 
> still get the same error message and no export. We also looked at 
> other messages concerning similar problems but we didn't find an answer.
> What are we doing wrong? Is it an installation error?
It seems like the package in charge of rendering the PDF and/or RTF output 
can't be found in /xwiki/WEB-INF/lib. As I am not a developer myself, I don't 
know where it is located and what the error could be, but I am sure that if you 
define a bit your environment (what XWiki package have you installed? what SO 
are you working on? JDK release?) it will be easier for more skilled people to 
work out this issue! Thanks!

I've just installed a XE/XEM 2.4.30451 and Export to PDF/RTF works as expected.



Ricardo Rodríguez
Life Sciences, Data Modeling and Information Management Systems

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