I am attempting to customize the toucan by putting a new background in 
and changing the logo.

The logo is the easy part with the change happening in the 
Administration GUI under Presentation -> Skin Customization -> Logo

The rest I'm a bit unsure about!!

I have attempted to deconstruct the toucan.css file under the skins 
directory in the webapp and then build it back together. I did get some 
results but it was highly unstable as after a second edit things started 
going funny.

I managed to get a background showing up which was great but it was 
pretty slow as the image was too large, I then tried a smaller image 
which didn't show at all as the background went completely white??

I can confirm however the parts that make up the background are:




seem to just be little lines in the middle of the page so no need to 
alter those.

What I would really like to do is put a little picture to the right of 
the logo, which seems to be the:

#companylogo {
width 740px;


I added the code: background-image: 
url($xwiki.getSkinFile("myimage.png")); only with no luck whatsoever??

Also how to remove the right and left panels and just make one 'big' 
background instead?? - I have an image for this but at ~800kB it's a bit 
large so what I will need to do is lower the size then stretch it over 
the screen. Is this possible??

Many thanks,

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