On 08/31/2010 12:20 PM, Maxime Mathieu wrote:
> I just discovered the Freemind macro and I'm very happy. This macro displays
> an attached freemind file in a wiki page using a flash component.
> It works fine, and the installation is straightforward. Thank you Fabio
> Mancinelli.
> A valuable enhancement would be to specify the height of the map as a
> parameter of the macro.
> I found a way to do it using the following snippet :
> (% id="flashcontent" style="height:800px" %)(((
> {{freemind map="FileName"/}}
> )))
> It works but it's clearly dirty, it generates 2 div with the same id.
> If you have a better idea, I'll be happy to read you.
> Regards,
> Maxime

Hi Maxime,

that was easy so I just modified the macro definition in order to take 
into account also width and height parameters.

You can update it and it should work:
{{freemind "map.mm" height="800px"}}

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