The problem is memory expense. When you upload an attachment, it is
put into RAM, then it's saved in the database, but before the save
is committed, the content is copied and converted to a base64 String
(expanding it by 30% for the base64 then doubling it because java
uses UTF-16 for String) then it is formed into an RCS archive node
using Apache jrcs which makes a copy of the content (also in ram).
The result is you need memory capacity which is many times the size
of the attachment.

The short answer is although we are looking at ways to improve
memory footprint, currently the effective limit is about 30MB.


Dalluege, Pierre (extern) wrote:
> Hello xwiki users,
> I have to upload larger files (i.e. ebooks (above 100MB) or images of 80MB) 
> and at the moment the upload fails.
> I increased the size of mysql packages to 512 MB, but it didn't help, any 
> ideas?
> Best regards
> Pierre
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