Arnaud bourree wrote:
> Hello
> I put a file Text.txt as attachment in a page: Sandbox.Page1
> I in an other page Sandbox.Page2, I write the following script:
> {{groovy}}
> def mydoc=xwiki.getDocument('Sandbox.Page1')
> def myfile=mydoc.getAttachment('Text.txt')
> println "|"+mydoc+"|"+myfile
> {{/goovy}}
> The result is
> |Sandbox.Page1|null
> If I put the same script in Sandbox.Page2, the result become:
> |Sandbox.Page1|com.xpn.xwiki.api.attachm...@331be8

I don't understand the situation: do you have two documents? One having 
an attachment, and another one without it? In any case, myfile gets an 
array: classname (com.xpn.xwiki.api.Attachment) and an object ID. I 
can't explain why it varies though.
> Why cannot get attachments from other document?

Check this...


This should help:


Please, take into account that I'm not a maven! I've just picked up some 
ideas here and there. Please, consider critically this message! Thanks.
> I run XWiki 2.5 with Tomcat 6.0.28, Mysql 5.1.49, Ubuntu 10.10
> Arnaud.
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