Hello all,

I'm running my Xwiki as an information management Intranet alongside a
networked drive that holds hundreds of documents. Based off the TODO
tutorial, I made a system of inputting these documents as objects on
individual pages that then appear on a filterable-sortable table. The link
being a windowsPath macro. The idea behind this is that users can access
these documents much easier.

The problem with this system is if a new document is created, the user then
has to manually add it to this table, and if the document's title is
changed, the link gets broken. So I'm after a way of automatically listing
the documents and have working links, to make it require as little upkeep as

So far I am able to list the name and the path of all the documents in the
directory, but I need some help in integrating the sortable table html tags
and turning the path into a working link, without breaking the groovy macro.
This is what I have so far:


import groovy.io.FileType

def list = []

def dir = new File("R:/Quality/FORMS/")
dir.eachFileRecurse (FileType.FILES) { file ->
  list << file

list.each {
  println it.name
  println it.path


Any help would be appreciated,


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