On 12/20/2010 04:18 PM, Gerritjan Koekkoek wrote:
> Thx,
> The Inline versus Block makes sense.
> It fixes almost my problem
> The \div versus /div was a typo, not really creating the macro error. It just 
> displayed the<\div>  statement
> So now the macro seems to work with one strange problem...
> I call the macro in a foreach statement.
> It fails the first loop; displaying the same error!
> The second and all the other loops (32) present the result i want
> So I called the macro before I enter the loop once, now the loop woks fine.
> But the macro error on the initial call keeps coming.
> Is it because these empty-line block seperator
> So now my macro looks like;
> #macro(ShowFlag $CountryCode)
>    #set($ImageExtension = '.png')
>    #set($CountryCodeFile = $CountryCode + $ImageExtension)
>    {{html clean="true"}}
>    <div class="flags">
>    <img src="../../download/CdLSAssociations/FlagAttachments/$CountryCodeFile"
>         alt="$CountryCode"
>         title="$CountryCode"/>
>    </div>
>    {{/html}}
> #end
> Note I only needed one preceeding empty-line.
> Marius suggested one-way-of-doing; what are other ways?

The error is that there's still a missing or an extra newline somewhere 
before the loop. Just add one more empty line before the #foreach.

Sergiu Dumitriu
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