Hi everyone,

I tried to upgrade from version 2.4.30451 to version 2.7 (linux ubuntu,
postgresql). In 2.4 I was able to export a full dump of the wiki (around
550MB with lots of attachments) after the update (including the 2.7 xar) the
export fails.

First, if an attachment is not available, or missing then the whole export
fails and it is extremely hard to figure out which wiki page actually
triggered the error.

Second even if all those errors are resolved, the export fails with the
error "Too many open files" (see the snippet below). I then checked the
number of open files. On 2.7 I am seeing a large number of open files even
after a restart. Of course there are all the system and library files, but
there is also a large number of temporary files open (and those remain open
for at least one hour of inactivity).  I guess the lucene indexing after the
restart generates these (there were 181 open files with similar names). If I
try to export the wiki, the number of open files goes into the thousands and
most of them are of the kind quoted below.

I then tried version 2.6 with the same symptoms. I reverted to 2.4 and
everything works fine again.

Version 2.7 seems a lot faster on export and also seems to require a lot
less resources, and I would be very happy about that.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please feel free to ask for more
specific information.

I filed a bug report on jira http://jira.xwiki.org/jira/browse/XWIKI-5830 with
logfile excerpts.

Thanks so much,

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