Hi everyone,

First of all, I agree with Ludovic and Vincent, a new VM should be created
every time a new version is out. It obviously is a lot of data that needs to
be stored but the problem with not having an up to date VM is that people
who just want to check out XWiki in a ready to go and possibly production
ready environment most likely do not want to bother with setting up the VM
and immediately having to upgrade the XWiki instance before they can try the
latest version.

Anyway, either I did not make myself clear or you missed the notion that I
am not really a huge fan of VMs. On the one hand it can be hard to integrate
pre-built VMs with a companies IT systems, on the other hand, AFAIK, there
is no really free VM software that can be used in corporations.

What I had in mind was a package that will provide everything necessary to
easily create a ready-for-production-use environment including an easy to
use configuration wizard. I further thought about upgrade packages and
restructuring the XE documents to ease upgrading.

Also, I am neither very familiar with VMs nor Linux, so I am probably really
not the best person for doing this kind of a job.


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