Sergiu Dumitriu-2 wrote:
> On 03/21/2011 12:22 PM, phancox wrote:
> Meta = the "Windows" key, the one with the win logo on it,
> usually 
> between Ctrl and Alt. It's bad to call it the "Windows key" in a 
> multi-OS environment, where it maps to the Apple key on macs, and it's 
> wrong to say "Windows" to GNU/Linux users.
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I thought that's what it might have been but pressing the "Windows" key with
"G" takes me to the Windows gadgets.  And "Windows" key with the newly
mapped "Z" doesn't appear to do anything.  In short, "Windows" as a "Meta"
key doesn't appear to work for me at all.

Not a problem, happy to use "Ctrl"; just curious as to how "Windows" is
supposed to work as a "Meta" key.

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