On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 16:46, Alessandro <alessandro.poll...@dblue.it> wrote:
> Hi xwiki users,
> I am a bit worried I have messing up all the things with my xwiki.. I
> deleted the xWiki space by mistake (by using the velocity macro to
> delete spaces) and I am not able now to log as admin any more neither
> to install the Administration Application (if it is the needed action
> to do..).

Thing is Admin used itself is in XWiki space as well as all users so
now all that is left is guest virtual user.

But at the same time you deleted all rights configuration which make
guest user an admin so you should be able to reimport admin app. You
should probably import XWiki space from XE (or XEM) xar instead
because I think there is some things that are not in admin app in this
space. If the script does not put document in the trash you lost all
your users and groups otherwise you can restaore them by going to the
http://yourhost/xwiki/bin/view/Main/AllDocs?view=deletedDocs page
(once you imported XWiki space pages since I think this page include
pages from XWiki space).

> Could you please help me? I didn't found any specific information
> about it online. Do I need to install again the xwiki?? Did I lose my
> work???
> Hope there is a way to recover,
> thank you in advance
> Alessandro
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