Include macro include content before it's executed by default so you
can't use that for your use case or at least not like that.

If you use context=new the content will be executed before it's
included but there is no support for parameters in include macro since
even in this case it does not execute like a browser either.

Depending of the page you are trying to include there could be
velocity variable you could set before the include context=new to
indicate what the page is supposed to do. You will have to look at
Search page source code to see if it can support it.

The only other way would be to replace the $request in the context to
set your own parameters but i doubt you can do that with public API
and it's hard to do in Velocity since you can't create new java

You can of course write your own macro do support this use case. See

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 14:14, Legeinfo <> wrote:
> Hallo!
> How to include a search like that in a page?
> .../Main/Search?text=foo+bar
> {{include document=Search?text=foo+bar"/}}
> does not do the job.
> Volker
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