Hi, I'm trying to install XWiki in the following way: I have a headless
CentOS running on the cloud and a Macbook with SSH tunneling to the cloud
machine. Because I'm new to setting up XWiki (or any wiki), I thought I'd
try the Java installation first before attempting to set up all the pieces
at once.

>From my terminal window on the Macbook, I enter
java -jar xwiki-enterprise-installer-generic-2.7.1-standard.jar

and after a short wait, the install dialog box pops up in the Mac's X11

The problem is that I can't read the font that's displayed. I'm attaching a
screen shot, but in case that doesn't come through, it looks like the font
is in some cursive or handwritten italic font, but only bits and pieces of
each letter are visible. Sometimes I can guess what's being displayed, but
mostly I can't read it at all. I've tried a trick I read about to increase
the number of colors output by X11, but that didn't do anything.

I suspect it's something with lacking a specific font, but I don't know
what. Any suggestions?
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