I've recently noticed that one of the documents on XWiki is in the
orphaned list while clicking on it redirects me to the document that
obviously has parent (path in the above section is present).
   Going to the database I found out on einteresting thing 
mysql> select xwd_id, xwd_name, xwd_fullname, xwd_parent, xwd_version,
xwd_translation from xwikidoc where xwd_name like 'InitialRequirements';
| xwd_id     | xwd_name            | xwd_fullname                     |
xwd_parent                     | xwd_version | xwd_translation |
|   43295369 | InitialRequirements | MyHappySpace.InitialRequirements |         
| 5.1         |               1 |
| -536599142 | InitialRequirements | MyHappySpace.InitialRequirements |
xwiki:MyHappySpace.UserStories | 25.2        |               1 |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

As I understand it's not quite normal to have document wit negative ID. I
remember such issue happening before, the solution to it was to back-up the
document content, delete the document. This would make "the document behind"
(or phantom document) visible, delete the phantom document, and then create
the document once more, restoring it from the backup.
If you'd ask me for circumstances under which it occurred, I recollect only
in general - we were simultaneously working on the document trying to create
it and import its content from MSWord file.

Is this a known issue? Any circumstances under which it might occur? I've
experienced it at least on version 2.4 and 2.6. 


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