Hi Ramon,

On May 18, 2011, at 8:17 PM, Ramon Gomes Brandão - SERINT wrote:

> Hi, 
> I've got it working. For PostgreSQL, in xwiki.db property from xwiki.cfg, it 
> should be leaved commented out since the database name is already specified 
> in the postgresql connection URL from hibernate.cgf.xml. If you specify 
> anything on that property in xwiki.cfg, hibernate tries to connect to a 
> schema that doesn't exist, other than the "public" created by default on the 
> xwiki database by postgresql, following the instructions on Admin Pages of 
> XWiki.org. 
> I would suggest to add this note on XWiki Postgresql instrucutions page at 
> XWiki.org, since this is NOT documented elsewhere. The relation between 
> xwiki.db option and connection URL, for the Postgresql case, is confusing and 
> poor documented. I've spent two days figuring this out.

xwiki.org is an open wiki, do you think you could help us and add it yourself? 
That would help us!


> Regards, 
> Ramon Gomes Brandão
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> Assunto: [xwiki-users] ERROR: XWiki 3.0M1 + Postgres + JBoss4.3 not working
> Hi all, 
> I'm trying to set up a fresh install of XE 3.0 on a JBoss 4.3 + Postgres 8.3 
> production environment. XE application deploys, but it does not start at all 
> when I point the browser to it. 
> The stack trace root cause is: "org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: 
> schema 'wikinf' does not exist".
> I've change the default database name from xwiki to wikinf, to attend our app 
> names. I've set it properly in xwiki.db property from xwiki.cfg and, as well, 
> in hibernate.cfg.xml file, on the postgres config section 
> (jdbc:postgresql://<server>/wikinf), and I followed just exactly the 
> Postgresql installation database creation instructions on Config pages from 
> Xwiki.org. My database, called "wikinf", has nothing but the default public 
> schema with the proper rights according to instructions (users and groups 
> created accordingly). 
> I'm using the postgresql-9.0-801.jdbc4.jar connector. 
> Why it says the schema does not exist, if the database indeed exist, with the 
> default public schema? I'm getting really annoying with this no-explication 
> error, and could not find any instructions on Web. Could you help me please?
> Regards, 
> Ramon Gomes Brandão

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