On 06/13/2011 07:53 PM, coldserenity wrote:
> Hi,
>    Is there a way to subscribe to RSS feed in a totally protected XWiki (only
> log-in page described to anonymous)? E.g. with MS Outlook?
>    I used common feed list approach described here
> http://blog.jonudell.net/2007/01/23/a-screencast-about-common-feeds-in-vista/
> I'm able to see items when the feed is imported to outlook the first time,
> but then I do not get the updates.
>    And here's http://blog.jonudell.net/2007/03/27/authenticated-rss-feeds/
> where I found people discussing subscription to a password protected feed.
>    Regards,
> Roman

Other than configuring the feed reader to use a certain username and 
password, you must also alter a bit the RSS URL by appending 
&basicauth=1 as a query string parameter.

For example, for the blog feed, use:
instead of:

Does this solve your problem?
Sergiu Dumitriu
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