Hi, folks.


I’m trying to do some local testing of XWiki Enterprise, because it looks like 
a great resource for me to manage my group’s documentation, but I’m running 
into some issues.


I downloaded the Windows executable and installed XE locally (on the C: drive 
of a Windows 7 system), and everything seemed to install correctly. I have the 
start and stop desktop icons.


I clicked the start icon and a DOS window flashed open and closed. When I tried 
to open XWiki in my browser at http://localhost:8080/, I received a “This 
webpage is not available” message. I’m not sure if I have a port issue, and I 
didn’t see anything in the users mailing list archives that related to this 
issue. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone, and if so, how can it be 




John Campbell

NOC Technical Writer

WildBlue Communications, Inc.

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