I'm trying some basic functionality on a multilanguage Wiki (3.1)

I create a class
I create the default Class sheet and add a object on it (like suggested in the 
I create the default Class template and add a object on it (like suggested in 
the default)

Then I create a object;
It creates a page containing the object, I use the inline form editor to enter 
some data and save.

Now I want to create a translation in another language?
How should I do that?

The inline form editor does not have a "translate option", when I create a 
translation with the wiki editor i'm probably
create a new wiki document with a different language, but it seems to point to 
the SAME object. when I change the content of the object in the other language, 
these changes also show when I navigate back to the english page

It looks like I should instantiate a new object of the class, but then the page 
language is still 'en'
And how do we manage then that these objects still relate to each other? If I 
change the english version of a record this should be related to the content of 
the translations!


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