On 12/20/2011 06:17 AM, Kjartan Hauksson wrote:
Hello all

I intend to do a lot of updates to a single page via a python script but I
don't want/need a huge history file. Is there a way to either disable
versioning for a single page or purging it periodically with a script ?

Disabling history for just one document, no. Resetting, yes.

There's the /reset/ action that can do that manually from the UI, and there's the internal XWikiDocument.resetArchive(xcontext) method that you could use from a script. And you could even make a scheduler job that runs periodically and does that.

If you want to keep a bit of history instead of deleting everything, you could look at what the /deleteversions/ method is doing here:


Sergiu Dumitriu
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