Hi All,

We are very pleased to inform you that we packaged our map solution, Just Map It!, as a XWiki extension. This extension shows an interactive map of wiki pages and tags for any XWiki space.
It is divided in 2 components :
- a REST addon that exposes the wiki pages and tags of a given XWiki space - a xar package that contains a velocity macro and the Just Map It! flash client.

The map is generated on a dedicated Just Map It! server, which get the necessary data by calling the REST service installed by the extension.

We worked with the Xwiki team on a snapshot of the xwiki.org extension website (http://extensions.xwiki.org)
A demo is available at http://dev.social-computing.com:8280/xwiki/
An authentication is required :
  - login : demo
  - password : scdemo

This demo displays a map of all available xwiki extensions linked by the tags that were assigned by extensions developers. It gives a good overview of all existing extensions and the relations between these extensions.
Additional navigation actions are proposed to the users on the map :
  - Center on one particular item
  - Show all the extensions that contain a specific tag
  - Display the wiki page of an extension or a tag

Another map is generated on a each tag's wiki page.
This map shows the tags that are close to the selected one.

We would very much appreciate your feedbacks and advice on how to make the map available to all xwiki.org users on the extensions website.

For more information on Social Computing and on our map solution Just Map It!, please visit our website : http://www.social-computing.com (in french, shortly in english!) You can also play with the Just Map It! feeds web application : http://feeds.just-map-it.com/


Jonathan Dray
Software architect.

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