Hi All,

By accident I found a soluion. For me it looks a bit wierd.

If you set in xwiki.cfg  xwiki.virtual.usepath to 0, then all menus become 
Workspace Manager links free.

For now, if I want to use usepath and don't want to use Workspace Manager, 
there is no an "one click solution" :-(

Is it a bug or it's a feature? Should I report it?

Kind regards,


27 января 2012, 01:34 от Haru Mamburu <haru_mamb...@mail.ru>:
> Hi. all!
> XEM 3.4. Main Wiki works fine.
> I want to set up virtual wiki without Workspace Manager application inside 
> and it's links in menu, because as far as I inderstood it is useless in 
> virtual wikis.
> What is right way to get rid of Workspace Manager and it's links in top menu 
> in virtual wiki?
> Kind regards,
> Dmitry
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